Victoria Food Not Bombs


New participants are always welcome at Food not Bombs!

Food not Bombs is 100% volunteer run!

The food we use in Victoria is donated from local organic farms.

We cook plant Based meals high in nutrients.

We serve for free as an act of mutual aid, not charity, serving to whomever wishes to eat with us!

Every day tons of good food is wasted, while people of many class backgrounds struggle to have access to healthy nutritious food. Meanwhile governments waste billions on military, prisons, and surveillance rather than on human needs.

Free the Food!

Food not Bombs was started in the USA more than thirty years ago. The movement has spread around the world – every group operates independently.

Food not Bombs Victoria is located an unceded WSANEC and Lekwungen territories. We serve every Sunday at 4pm. The serving location has shifted from time to time over the years since we try to serve food where it is needed most. We also serve food at other times and events as we are able – at environmental, peace, and social justice demonstrations, the Victoria Anarchist Book Fair, and other events.

Every Sunday by Lee Bly
Every Sunday by Lee Bly (click for full size)